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Response Issue 03 features excellent work by the following excellent people:

  • Nicole Arocho Hernández
  • Kristin Brown
  • Scott Delisle,
  • Joon Ae Haworth-Kaufka
  • Hope Jordan
  • Shannon Kafka
  • A’Ja Lyons
  • Jake Phillips
  • Jacqueline Rosenbaum
  • April Sopkin
  • Christie Towers
  • Paul Veracka
  • Andria Warren

For this issue, contributors were invited to respond to the following:

The strange properties of these [magic] squares were considered magical in medieval days and so the squares served as talismans, protecting the wearer against many evils.

— Øystein Ore, Invitation to Number Theory
Melancholia I by Albrecht Dürer
Melencolia I, Albrecht Dürer, Engraving. 1514.

Issue 03 was edited by guest editors Caitlin Ghegan, Chelsey Grasso, and Sara Ryan, and series editor Daniel Elfanbaum. The proofreader was Nick Snow. You can purchase a physical copy of Issue 03 here.