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Response Issue 04 features excellent work by the following excellent people:

  • Tom Aikens
  • Adam Graaf
  • Caitlyn Griffin
  • Eliza Jerrett
  • Krisela Karaja
  • Erika La Forest
  • Sabina Lindsey
  • Grace Mattern
  • Shannon Fara O’Neill
  • and Milo Todd

For this issue, contributors were invited to respond to the following:

But, bad as it may sound, I have to admit that I cannot get along as an artist without the use of one or two sciences. This may well arouse serious doubts as to my artistic capacities...But in my view the great and complicated things that go on in the world cannot be adequately recognized by people who do not use every possible aid to understanding.

— Bertolt Brecht, Brecht on Theater

It was a number of months after I started working in Leon [Harmon]’s lab that the computer scientist, who worked with Leon on the MoMA print, stopped by to chat with Leon. That was the first time I met him. I had already completed a series of my still graphics. I was talking out loud to the computer, not uncommon with computer users. Besides talking to the machines, users could be seen kicking and hitting the computers, out of frustration. I was complaining and saying, “I wish I had more software here,” and then I heard a voice, “Well what would you want?”

— Lillian Schwartz, in an interview with Chris Garcia with Jon Plutte

Issue 04 was edited by guest editors Nicole Arocho Hernández, Kristin Brown, Kate Galloway, and Jacqueline Rosenbaum, along with series editor Daniel Elfanbaum. The proofreader was Nick Snow. You can purchase a physical copy of Issue 04 here.