I’m pleased to say that we are finally starting to cook with gas. Issue 01 has arrived to great success and reviews (none published, but I’ve heard nothing but good things so far), we’re finally getting around to the whole "having a website" thing, and just today we launched the call for Issue 02. Issue 02 will feature more writers and artists making more work, and I cannot wait.

You might be wondering: Danny, how do you choose who is asked to contribute to Response? Well, quite frankly, I let my contributors help me decide!

After each issue, we put out a form that our contributors are invited (*cough* required) to respond to, and in that form we ask whom they think might be a good fit for the journal. Combine this with additions from people I know and have worked with in the past, and you’ve got yourself an issue!

Now, we do have plans to eventually do what we’re tentatively calling an "Open Response," but that’s a ways-off: we need to get some good issues out first, and we need to make sure that by the time we start asking others to submit work, we have either a Submittable account or some free alternative. I ran an email-submission journal in college and flat out refuse to ever do that again (although working with the OG Mangrove was wonderful.)

In any case and for the time being, I encourage you to pick up a copy, or else wait until we start getting some of the work up on the website, and sit tight as we prepare Issue 02.