While we’re still super jazzed on Issue 01 and still have plans to start posting some of that work on this site soon (because it’s not about the money: it’s about the art), this week we unveiled the new prompt to our Issue 02 contributors!

The prompt is…​ still a secret! We’ll reveal the prompt once the contributors have some time to mull it over, do their work, and so on. But we’re really excited about it and really excited to see what work our lovely contributors make in response to it.

Issue 02 will be a fair sight bigger than Issue 01 was: we’ve got more contributors making more work, and we’ve shaken out some of the first-issue jitters and bugs and expect this issue to go smoothly. (Suffice to say: trying to get the issue made and out during the early days of COVID was…​ challenging.)

We will have more updates on general TW+R stuff soon (a mailing list? work on the site? a contest? who know?!), but for the time being, please continue to enjoy our first issue, and look for Issue 02 to drop sometime in early October!