I know, I know—it’s been quiet over here. That’s because we’ve been hard at work on Issue 03! It’s very exciting, we assure you. Our contributors made such interesting, cool, form-breaking art, that they literally broke our PDF engine! So we had to create the book in InDesign (I’ll spare you the rest of the details…the point is you should be excited!).

Another new thing we’re going to try to do for this issue is preorders. There are a lot of reasons for this, but tl;dr: preorders help us keep a larger percentage of the profits of the print journal, and hopefully help you save on one-off shipping costs.

Preorders are $15.00. Yes, this is a little more expensive than the $10 issue. But it also includes shipping, and will maybe not take as long. Maybe it will. Maybe it’s not worth it (I just checked again and it looks like economy shipping isn’t as much anymore?). But anyway – we’re offering it, so if you’d like to preorder the third issue, please fill out the form below:

Preorders closed on Monday, April 26.