It’s here! In the world! Not online yet! It will be! But for now, you can buy it for money! And get a physical copy!

To do so, please head on over to Blurb. Yes, the price went up to $12. But that’s because we have more contributors per issue, and we want to buy them all dinner.

This issue features fabulous work from Nicole Arocho Hernández, Kristin Brown, Scott Delisle, Joon Ae Haworth-Kaufka, Hope Jordan, S.L. Kafka, A’Ja Lyons, Jake Phillips, Jacqueline Rosenbaum, April Sopkin, Christie Towers, Paul Veracka, and Andria Warren.

We really could not be more excited about this issue. I know I say that every issue: but.

It’s (again!) our biggest issue yet, and I made the contributors think about math! Check it out now!