a journal for new work

What is Response? Response is a journal aimed at engendering and supporting new work, which means that all of the work included in Response was created (or, in some cases, adapted) specifically for the journal. You can think of it like a glorified artistic exercise if you’d like, but we prefer to think of it more like an opportunity.

Our issues work like this:

  1. The call: two and a half months before publication, solicited writers, poets, and artists will get notified that we want their work, and we ask if they’ll do some for us.

  2. The response: Two months out is the deadline to say whether a contributor is in or not. At this time the work (a quote, painting, text, etc.,) which they’ll be responding to will be revealed those who’ve said that they are in.

  3. The work: Contributors have between two months out and one month out to complete the work. This means that all the initial work done for the journal takes place within a month (~30 days). This constraint is intentional.

  4. The response to the work: A week after their initial submission, contributors will receive some feedback from that issue’s guest editors.

  5. The work continues: Contributors then have up to two weeks to send us revisions, changes, something completely new, etc. Here’s the thing: contributors do not have to make any changes if they don’t want to.

  6. The work gets out: After this process, the usual production steps take place (copyediting, page proofs, etc.), then the journal is put out into the world.